The Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) is a labor union front group disguised as a restaurant industry employment center and watchdog. ROC’s tactics have been compared to mob-style shakedowns; often employing intimidation and outright extortion in an effort to force restaurants into submission. Continue reading →

Jul 31, 2014

ROC Michigan Bails on $363K Ballot Initiative

It should serve as a cautionary lesson for any group considering an investment in ROC or any of its affiliate chapters. Several months ago, ROC Michigan vowed that it would help put a minimum wage increase of $10.10 on the … Continue reading

Jul 24, 2014

Half-Baked Report Promotes Unionization, Exploits Hunger

While serious, scientific research is essential for understanding complex social issues, ROC has repeatedly used surveys to support its dubious agenda. The union-backed worker center decides which conclusion it wants to reach and backfills the result by canvassing whichever subset … Continue reading

Jul 8, 2014

ROC Wants Restaurants to Follow the COLORS’ Model: Closed for Business

Intrepid diners considering a visit to ROC’s flagship restaurant in New York City have even more reason to doubt whether a trip to COLORS is worth the hassle. The website for ROC’s model restaurant has been down for over a week, and … Continue reading

Jun 30, 2014

NPR anti-tipping piece proves damage that ROC’s war on tips will do to workers and consumers

National Public Radio recently did a piece against the tipped minimum wage, but inadvertently proved what the Restaurant Opportunities Center’s war on tips will do: kill jobs and raise prices. ROC’s Saru Jayaraman is quoted saying it is impossible for … Continue reading

Jun 12, 2014

Labor Department still hobnobbing with organization it should be investigating

The U.S. Department of Labor sat down again last month with representatives of the Restaurant Opportunities Center United. But it was not for a deposition or to issue them a subpoena; rather, it was for an election year photo op … Continue reading