The Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) is a labor union front group disguised as a restaurant industry employment center and watchdog. ROC’s tactics have been compared to mob-style shakedowns; often employing intimidation and outright extortion in an effort to force restaurants into submission. Continue reading →

Apr 16, 2014

Happy Tax Day: Paper trail makes clear that ROC improperly received tax dollars

As millions of Americans dutifully filed their taxes with the IRS this week, one union-founded worker center has come under scrutiny for how it managed to misrepresent its tax status to the US Department of Labor. And whether it was … Continue reading

Apr 8, 2014

CNN: black holes, ROC, and other nonsense

It’s never a good sign when a “news” network becomes a partisan cheerleader, but perhaps CNN, whose prime time ratings in 2013 hit a 20-year low, figures it has nothing to lose. It recently cast the Restaurant Opportunities Center’s co-director, … Continue reading

Apr 2, 2014

ROC declares war on tipped workers

The union-founded Restaurant Opportunities Center has a new bogeyman: tips. The “worker center,” which has long attacked restaurants, has recently begun calling for an end to the tips that so many restaurant workers receive and depend on. This radical, faculty … Continue reading

Apr 1, 2014

ROC protests employers, but prohibits protestors from protesting … ROC

The media has been buzzing about ROC’s latest hypocrisy. The union front group, which leads raucous protests against its restaurant targets, has a labor agreement with its own employees that bans protests against … ROC. You read that right. ROC’s … Continue reading

Mar 18, 2014

ROC labels restaurants as death traps

In a world where a public school suspends a 7 year-old for allegedly chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun, perhaps it should come as no surprise that Restaurant Opportunities Center head honcho Saru Jayaraman thinks that the … Continue reading