The Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) is a labor union front group disguised as a restaurant industry employment center and watchdog. ROC’s tactics have been compared to mob-style shakedowns; often employing intimidation and outright extortion in an effort to force restaurants into submission. Continue reading →

Oct 7, 2014

ROC Flaunts Skewed Survey While Ramping Up War on Tips

The latest “survey” from the Restaurant Opportunities Center reveals what happens when a union-backed activist group makes a half-baked attempt at scientific research. Indeed, ROC’s recent survey is a hodgepodge of spurious assumptions based on mindboggling lack of substantiated data.  … Continue reading

Aug 19, 2014

Union authorizes strike, ROC rushes to the picket line

There was a time when ROC at least pretended it wasn’t just a union pawn. But with friends in the high places (namely the regulatory bodies that should be keeping worker centers like ROC in check), ROC has dropped the … Continue reading

Jul 31, 2014

ROC Michigan Bails on $363K Ballot Initiative

It should serve as a cautionary lesson for any group considering an investment in ROC or any of its affiliate chapters. Several months ago, ROC Michigan vowed that it would help put a minimum wage increase of $10.10 on the … Continue reading

Jul 24, 2014

Half-Baked Report Promotes Unionization, Exploits Hunger

While serious, scientific research is essential for understanding complex social issues, ROC has repeatedly used surveys to support its dubious agenda. The union-backed worker center decides which conclusion it wants to reach and backfills the result by canvassing whichever subset … Continue reading

Jul 8, 2014

ROC Wants Restaurants to Follow the COLORS’ Model: Closed for Business

Intrepid diners considering a visit to ROC’s flagship restaurant in New York City have even more reason to doubt whether a trip to COLORS is worth the hassle. The website for ROC’s model restaurant has been down for over a week, and … Continue reading