ROC Flaunts Skewed Survey While Ramping Up War on Tips

The latest “survey” from the Restaurant Opportunities Center reveals what happens when a union-backed activist group makes a half-baked attempt at scientific research. Indeed, ROC’s recent survey is a hodgepodge of spurious assumptions based on mindboggling lack of substantiated data.  ROC’s latest attack on the restaurant industry was advertised online through social media and conducted online via Survey Monkey.  Those few people whom responded were not screened and none of the results were chosen at random. Incredibly, ROC took that smattering of results and extrapolated them to an entire industry.

Today, ROC is flaunting what may be the world’s least scientific poll and presenting their unsubstantiated conclusions as fact. Their claim is that the cause of harassment and inequality is … tips. That’s right. ROC wants everyone to believe that tipping is the root cause for some of the worst human behavior against women and minorities.

ROC recently announced an “organizational pivot” to focus the weight of the entire organization on “1 Fair Wage” – a key component of Big Labor’s campaign to organize the industry. Apparently, ROC has been tapped to frame minimum wage as a gender issue in key markets around the country.ROC Organizational Pivot

ROC recently outlined a few notable pillars within their “1 Fair Wage” campaign. Keeping with ROC’s longstanding tradition of promoting constructive dialogue, it has committed itself to “toxifying the NRA” – an actual phrase from their strategic plan.  It also plans to transform itself to a union “bill mill,” creating “package bills” and “ROC-driven bills” that will be pushed jointly by 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations.

With the midterm elections fast approaching, ROC is also planning a national day of action to bolster their campaign against wages in the restaurant industry. Protests will take place next Tuesday, Oct. 14th, in ten major cities with ROC allies rallying against the tipped minimum wage. ROC is partnering with activist Eve Ensler and One Billion Rising, a group advocating for women’s issues, to lead next week’s protests. ROC is attempting to link the tipped minimum wage to a collective negative impact on women, people of color and their families. ROC’s recent messaging is aimed at politicians and the public, attempting to pit purportedly male-dominated and “prosper[ous]” corporations against “mothers, sisters and daughters” who earn tips as part of their income.

While ROC may have morphed its messaging to drive attention, the group has remained consistent in using provocative, unsubstantiated accusations in its attacks. ROC’s latest survey and next week’s protests are proof that what the union-backed group lacks in facts it makes up for in spurious – often outrageous – protests and allegations