ROC Employee: From Undocumented Immigrant to Obamacare Navigator

October 1 marked the beginning of open enrollment for the state healthcare exchanges in accordance with President Obama’s controversial Affordable Care Act. The new healthcare law creates the position of healthcare “navigators” to assist those who are choosing new health insurance.

As widely reported in the press, many believe Obamacare has insufficient safeguards in place to prevent certain individuals, who may for instance have an arrest record or even be in this country in an undocumented status, from acting as healthcare navigators – who then have access to your most sensitive information such as social security number, medical history, and tax information.

Meet Maria Marroquin. In May 2011, Ms. Marroquin was arrested for disruptive immigration-related protests in Atlanta. In March of this year, she was identified as an undocumented immigrant. Within two months, Ms. Marroquin was working as an intern for ROC-Chicago, then as a “Health Education Organizer” at ROC-NY.

As we’ve detailed, ROC already has a questionable history of employing undocumented workers. But Ms. Marroquin is not only a ROC organizer with a rap sheet who has been an undocumented worker, she’s now been deputized by the state of New York to be an Obamacare “Navigator.” That’s right. She has access to New Yorkers’ most sensitive, personal information and she’s earning American taxpayers’ dollars while doing so.

We can only assume that ROC was fully aware of Ms. Marroquin’s March 2013 status as an undocumented immigrant, and that ROC is complicit with her work as an Obamacare Navigator.

Such hypocrisy stands in stark contrast to ROC’s claims that it’s the restaurant industry that routinely breaks the law. Perhaps the U.S. House Congressional Committee, which has investigated ROC for its “management problems” and “history of intimidation towards opponents,” should reexamine ROC’s potential legal problems.