ROC: A Government-Supported Labor Union Front Group

We’ve detailed ROC’s numerous taxpayer-funded free lunches, and we’ve explained the organization’s problematic history of hiring undocumented workers. But it’s still baffling that ROC is actively recruiting workers to advance the organization’s radical politics while potentially compensating them with federal funds.

In its role as a “healthcare navigator” for New York’s state-based insurance exchange, ROC is tasked with informing uninsured New Yorkers about the new healthcare law, among other duties. And according to ROC’s recent job description for a  “Health Education Organizer”, the job responsibilities may have less to do with helping workers “navigate the New York Health Benefit Exchange,” and more to do with bolstering ROC’s lobbying activities and promoting its labor union-aligned agenda.

In its quest to “organize the 99 percent of the [restaurant] industry that doesn’t have a union,” ROC’s “Health Education Organizer” and other employees are poised to leverage their government partnership to inappropriately advance ROC’s ideological agenda. ROC brazenly acknowledges that the Health Education Organizer will “Coordinate enrollment and education activities with High Road Organizer” and “Assist in other organizational and program activities as needed.” In other words, the state government-affiliated employee will likely help boost RAISE, which is ROC’s “trade association” that frequently lobbies state and federal lawmakers.

By almost any measure, ROC cannot be trusted with dispensing accurate and unbiased information about the healthcare law. For our part, we hope that instead of another government shutdown, Congress will wise up to what’s happening here and finally shutdown any government funding of ROC.