A Foundation Sees the Light, Terminates Funding for ROC

In the past few years, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New Orleans (ROC-NOLA) has received almost a half-million dollars in grant money from the left-wing Surdna Foundation for “an array of projects.”  But now, the staff at Surdna is having second thoughts.

In a recent evaluation of ROC-NOLA, the Surdna Foundation decided to turn off the funding spigot for this notorious labor union front group. Surdna expressed a “…level of disappointment…” with ROC-NOLA, indicating that “…challenges have been very evident this past year.” Surdna criticized ROC-NOLA’s inability to maintain consistent leadership, and described its limited success as “a year characterized by ‘start and stop.’

Surdna is a well-known supporter and funder of left-wing causes, and losing their support is a major loss for the ROC organization. That comes in addition to a Congressional investigation into the reasons why the Department of Labor provided ROC with taxpayer funds. Perhaps it’s time for other foundations to rethink their support of this disappointing, thinly-veiled union group.